Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Yummy! So Yummy!

My name is Tasha. I like to bake! Dancing is fun too, but I'm really no good at it ;)

A very special little boy just turned one, and I had the honor of making his birthday cake. This cake is three 9 inch cakes, layered with raspberry preserves and lemon curd, a dirty icing of lemon butter cream, and covered with lemon marshmallow fondant. The top part, is three 6 inch vanilla lemon cakes with the same fillings, and vanilla butter cream for the hair. His face is made out of raspberry marshmallow fondant and butter cream.

This cake was definitely a labor of love. I baked, made marshmallow fondant, and the lemon curd in one day. The next I covered the cake, made frosting, filled, and assembled. I did have a slight mishap when some of my fondant would not cooperate, but I ended up being okay! Honestly, I am very happy with how the cake turned out. I wasn't able to take much pictures because my little hands were full! So Erikka will take tons of pictures at his party today and I'll post about that with some recipes too!

Brobee before his make up!

I did a DJ Lance hat smash cake for the little dude, I totally messed up the star. But it's no biggie, it's gonna get all smashed to pieces anyways!

Quentin's uncle is Vegan, so I did a small batch of Vegan vanilla cupcakes so he could also get in on the sweet fest!

Another shot of Brobee in all his glory. Bad lighting this morning! Ah well. More pictures to come!

Many thanks to Dave and Erikka for having me be a part of their little one's big day! Happy birthday Quentin!!!

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