Knead To Know

My name is Tasha, and I like to bake! I'm currently residing in Greencastle, PA.

I created this place so I can share some sweet treats, recipes, laughs, and give you an itty bitty sneak peak into my life. It is filled with all the things I love - Being in the kitchen, My family and friends, plus lots of other good stuff.

Regarding the recipes:

All recipes are usually my own creations, if not they will be noted, and the source will be provided, and linked to. There will be Vegan, gluten free, diabetic, and raw recipes posted occasionally. Not everyone wants to or can eat the same thing, or are they able to. Be it personal choice, allergies, or diet restrictions, etc - I like to keep an open mind and make sure everyone get's something great tasting and special.

Some little things you KNEAD to know..

TS = teaspoon
TB = tablespoon
C = cup

When it calls for flour, it's always all purpose flour unless otherwise noted. When I use sugar, it's always granulated white sugar, unless noted. All the eggs being used are large, and the butter is always unsalted, unless noted.

Happy Baking!