Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birthday Festivities

As you get older you're supposed to dislike birthdays, right? Well, not this girl! I love my birthday, and I don't care that I'm getting older.I welcome it with open arms. Some things you just can't change, and getting older is one. We all go through this cycle of life, and I am doing all that I can to enjoy it and have the best times I can. 27 isn't old anyway ;) I started my birthday the day before by baking some chocolate turron, and then making myself french toast for breakfast, the day of my birth we started at Starbucks, which if you haven't learned by now, is the way to my heart. After having an accident (hot tea down face) we headed to some Antique shops. The first place was really neat, and I've never been there before so it was exciting. I especially liked the giant tooth hanging, the Halloween spread, and the little Santa lights. I picked up a few things there, then we headed to another shop, which is one of my favorites. I hit the jackpot and added 7 more items to my Pyrex collection from that place alone! It was pretty amazing. After all was said and done, I was a pretty happy birthday girl.

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