Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun Finds

The summer for me usually means iced coffee, yard sales, and lots of dresses. I'm happy to report that the past few months have been insanely hot, but full of everything mentioned in the above statement. Here are some fun finds I've picked up the last few weeks. 

Sidewalk Sales in Greencastle mean lots of yard sales too! I picked up all of this for $2 before work. So happy to find the Pyrex store n see salt and pepper shakers STILL in the package. 

I always look through the postcards at the local antique store, this is what I found the last week. 

Mile long yard sale finds! The last two years I've been going with my Mother in law, always find some great stuff. I have been collecting old Christmas ornaments for our tree. I found a bit of Christmas stuff this year, my favorite being the cute little tree! It works, and was only $1! 

I saw this across the street from work, I walked over to the lawyer's office and asked about it. They said I could donate what I wanted to the rotary club and take it home. So, that was $10 well spent! It's a Bassett Scandinavian buffet, such a good find!

Day off antique shopping with my honey. Finally found some wood grain Pyrex store n see's! I love the little Sailor kewpie doll, theres also some dishes I got in the mail from my Mom, and a cute little tea towel from a sweet Instagram friend Rebekah. I wouldn't say I collect S&P shakers, but if I see a cute set for cheap, I'll get it! Same goes for the old photo, this creepy one happens to be for a friend.

Set of Woodland bowls from the thrift across from my house! I walked over for a few minutes before we went to my sister in laws for dinner. Glad I did! I don't normally go for this pattern, but for that price why not?!

Yes sir I'll take it! This was the first time I've spotted Pyrex at this place, with it being right across the street, I can always run over and see what's new! Lucky me :) 

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