Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pyrex, A whole lot of it!

I've been saying forever how I want to take some nice photos of my Pyrex. Ones where you can actually see what I have, not the ones I post with the dishes piled high, or laying on my floor. Well, today is not that day, sorry to say. BUT, I am posting a few photos of some of my newest pieces, as well as another photo of Pyrex on my floor. It seems there's a guaranteed sea of beautiful dishes in my house at least once a week. I can't help but rearrange when I add a new piece. I always like to group the patterns together too. Silly me!  

Gifts from Molly. How lucky am I? 

I have acquired a bit more since this photo was taken, I'll be posting another as soon as I re arrange in the next week! 

My newest piece, from Gary. JAJ Pyrex! 

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