Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monster Cereals!

Count Chocula, Booberry, and ol' Frankenberry. Surely those ring some bells for you, and if not well I guess it's safe to say are totally missing out on all the fun stuff life has to offer. Who doesn't love monster cereal, really?!  Every year around Halloween tim,e  (usually late September) you'll find these guys being put on the shelf.  Usually we grab a few boxes (maybe 10 this year, but who's counting?) so we don't miss out. Not only is the cereal tasty, they are also so festive. I wish they were still out year round, but since Halloween is my favorite, I'll settle for the once a year treat.  I came across this article from Betty Crocker and thought it was really neat. It's about the history of their monster cereals.

 Last year I made cupcakes using the cereals, and they were a huge hit. So if you're into the history of things (again, who isn't?) then go read the article HERE and if not, then go make some captain crunch cupcakes  and leave all the monster cereal to me. Thanks! 

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