Monday, December 17, 2012

Road Food

Sometimes on the road you have very little options when it comes to what you eat. Mainly just gas station food and the occasion Subway that just so happens to be inside said gas station. This trip we did get lucky and we found some good diners. Luckily all the excellent food in Austin made all the not so good food getting there totally worth it. Here are a few photos of my favorite eats while on the road.

First time at Mellow Mushroom, I went all out apparently. haha 

This was my most favorite thing of all favorite things that I enjoyed while in Austin, hands down! It is a vegan s'mores sundae from Sweet Ritual. The lady was so super sweet, and next time I'm in town you better believe I'm going back to see her (and get some more of this bad boy) 

Ah yes, more ice cream. This time it was at Lick which was way closer to where we were staying so it was super convenient.  This was a vegan coconut and avocado curd ice cream. Sounds strange but it was really good. They have a lot of "strange" flavors on the menu. I like strange, so I'm into it.

Last breakfast in Austin at Kerbey Lane. We ate there a few times during our stay. All good choices on our part. It was amazing.

Pizza from Austin's Pizza. Vegan cheese with garlic and mushrooms. Probably the best pizza I've had, vegan or not. 

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