Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blasts from the Past.

It's nice to actually have time to update this thing! Holy smokes, have I been busy. Between traveling and starting a new job things have been bananas, but in the best possible way. I know it's a few weeks since xmas, but now that I have time to sit down and tell you about my after xmas, xmas dinner I'm going to! We had some friends visit from Austin, Texas and since we really didn't have a big meal this year I thought I would make a nice dinner for us all. Jeff is Vegan, so this year I made an entire Vegan meal all by myself. Everything turned out lovely, and I was so proud.

All the usual suspects in our meal, plus a roast from Trader Joe's. I really liked the gravy that came with it, but I wasn't too crazy about the actual roast. I'd buy it again since everyone else loved it and it is totally doable, just not my favorite. 
For dessert I made a pumpkin spice with apple cider glaze. The cake reminded me of a pound cake, and wasn't too sweet. The glaze was the perfect topping and I will totally be making this again. It's a keeper! 

Apple Cider Glaze

1/3 C organic powdered sugar
1/2 C Apple cider

Mix the two together in a bowl and pour it on top of anything you want! 

I also made some cookies for friends that are out of state. They were ginger and lemon cookies and cream, peppermint cookies and ream, and cookie butter. I'll post recipes of those soon! 

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