Sunday, July 28, 2013


Long time no see! These last few months have been bananas. What sane person decides to move all while being super busy with work and just life things in general? Ohh, me! That's who. And who has friends travel from Atlanta to spend a few days in said new house just two days after moving? Me, that's who. Pretty awesome decisions though. I am in love with my new home, and am excited to grow and fill my home with things that I love and make new memories here. Plus with having friends come so soon, it really made me want to unpack and get things looking semi decent. Which I did!  Here's a little peak into my kitchen just a fewdays after moving into the house. I felt pretty accomplished, and I can't wait to get everything exactly how I want it. Expect to see a post soon with more photos. Until then, see you later Friends!

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