Monday, May 10, 2010

Cupcake Royale!

Jason and I are on the end of our cross country trip and are spending the last few days of it in Oklahoma. I've got a few minutes to get on here, HOOOORAAAY!!! We are cutting our trip short, so sad - NOT! We are ready to come home, the past 3 weeks has been really nice but we have lots to do when we come back and are ready to do it. With that being said, let me tell you about this nice little place I found while walking around Seattle. Jason was getting his head tattooed by the amazing Derek Noble at Lucky Devil Tattoo in Seattle, Washington. I was bored, had nothing to do, so why not walk around the city and see what I can get in to? Great idea right? YES! I went into some cool places, a nice little record store, some antique shops, that sorta thing. But at the end of my walk I came across Cupcake Royale on Pike Street. You bet your butt I was going in there! When I walked in, I was instantly excited. Nice, big, bright, cupcakes, and pretty colors everywhere. Not to mention the wonderful smell of coffee, MMM so nice! The ladies at the counter were super friendly, and when I asked for directions back to the shop (which was the next street over, ha!) They were more than willing to assist me. I felt like a turd, but hey.. at least I got some really yummy cupcakes!!! The sweets are made with local ingredients, which is awesome and they also donate over 25,000 cupcakes a year to local non profits! Talk about some sweethearts :) They also have cute shirts for sale, for you, your kids, everybody!

I got the Salted Caramel and the Red Velvet for Jason. Man, I literally ran back to the shop to show Jason what I had for him! I was so excited! Mine was absolutely amazing, A moist chocolate cupcake, homemade caramel frosting, dark chocolate shavings, and Fleur De Sel. Do you think anything could be better than that?! My favorite part was the frosting, which is odd since I normally don't like it, but it was to die for. If I lived in Washington, it really wouldn't be so bad, lol. Jason said his was good. He is a sucker for cream cheese frosting, and said that he liked mine better. He said he wasn't just saying that, but he really meant it.. awww how sweet! Who knows though. I'm just saying that Cupcake Royale really knows what's up with cupcakes, and the next time you're in Seattle YOU NEED TO STOP BY! Most definitely get the Salted Caramel.. You'll thank me!

Check out the website, and put this place on your gotta visit list! I dare ya ;)

Cupcake Royale

When we get back home I will be posting about lots more of the amazing food we had during our trip, as well as cool finds like RUBY RED SQUIRT, So be on the look out for that!

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