Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Friends, Good times Good Food..

Jason and I have friends in town... Until November pretty much, haha. Butch and his lady Jade arrived on the 11th, the day they leave Bryan will be here until October 1st, then Bird. So we're going to be pretty busy with everyone in the next few months (crazy, huh) We love our friends, so it's awesome to see them, and I surely don't mind having extra mouths to feed. Gives me a great reason to get in the kitchen!

Last night Jason had me make chicken veggie pie, one with no veggies for Butch. He will eat NO veggie. So it was just potatoes and chicken, and well... Potato is a veggie so I guess I pulled one over on that good ol buddy of ours! I also did some boston cream sandwich pies kinda like a whoopie pie but more donut like, if that makes sense. Super good! Jason and Butch loved them.

In the next few days I will post more about the mini donut pie concoctions, as well as recipes. Until then, I'm going to go enjoy our company!

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