Friday, July 1, 2011

Easy Chocolate Ganache

After making the vegan potato chip truffles, Jason asked for a super chocolaty version. So, being the loving lady that I am. I made them for him. They were okay, not as great as the previous truffle, but on the bright side I found the absolutely best, easiest ganache recipe in the history of the world! Okay, maybe not the world, but it is pretty rad.

For the potato chip truffle recipe, check out Chocolate Therapy Many thanks for the awesome recipe, lady!

For the ganache, I also used her recipe but mine didn't turn out the first time. Not really sure why. I followed the instructions. So I walked back up to the store got myself some more chocolate and cream and did it this way:

Easy Chocolate Ganache

Take 2 cups of semi sweet chocolate chips, and 2 cups of heavy whipping cream. Dump the chocolate chips into a large microwaveable bowl and then pour the cream over top. Place in the microwave, and blast for 2 minutes. Take out, whisk. If the chips aren't fully melted, put back in for another 30 seconds. After that it should be all good and ready for whatever you plan on using it for.

Pour it over cakes, ice cream, cheesecake. You know, all that sinful stuff. I placed mine in the freezer for about an hour and a half. It was thickened by then. It's a pretty awesome and easy way to do something that most people are kind of scared of doing. I'm not going to lie, for the longest time I was scared of making ganache. Everyone always had this long drawn out ways of making it. Not anymore! I want to see yawl get crazy with your ganache making skills. Being in the kitchen isn't a chore, or a nightmare, IT'S FUN! Now get on in there and show me what ya got ;)

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