Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On Saturday I attended another one of Heidi's crafternoons, and as always it was great fun! This time we made stamps and decorated reusable shopping bags. Heidi made a delicious soup, as well as other goodies from Molly, Meri, Page and some homemade pumpkin bread which I brought. It's always nice to get together and see the lovely ladies from past parties, and meet the new ones. Much thanks to Heidi for being such a great hostess. Here's a few photos I snapped during the night. For more photos and fun you can head over to her blog and read all about it - My Paper Crane

My sweet little bag all finished. Cute right?

I know I should have not let the cat play in the ice, but it was too cute to stop.

See that on the plate over there? Fruity pebbles cheesecake and some peach cobbler. Amazing! Thank you to Heidi and Page for the yummy treats.

The End! 

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