Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not Hoarding: Salt and Pepper Shakers

I never intended to start "collecting" old and extremely adorable salt and pepper shakers. It was just one of those collections that kind of happened all on it's own. Can you blame me? These things are just too cute! Whenever I'm out and see some that are not only darling but at a fair price, I pick them up. First it was just a few here and there, now I've got a nice little collection and I find myself browsing online for more if I haven't found any around here. Oh well, it happens... Right?


  1. Yes, it happens, so cute! You got your good taste ,good eye and the good looks all from your Mama! Of course all that baking/cooking talent too!! Your awesome, like your Mama also!! <3<3<3 :p

  2. You have a good eye and you get all that from your Mama,along with your baking/cooking skills and your knock em dead Good looks! <3<3<3Yuor awesome and I love you alot! :p