Monday, February 25, 2013

Try This: Silk Coconut Milk (Vanilla)

I love all sorts of non dairy milk; soy, almond, rice, hemp, oat, etc. One that I haven't tried however is coconut milk. Why? Well, I don't really have answer for that. I've had it in can form, and used it to make savory dishes or in a cake, but never something that I could just pick up and drink and what not.  While browsing coupons I found one for 75 cents off of any Silk product. I grabbed it, and went to my local grocery. Low and behold, the Silk products were on sale for 2.50! Along with the coupon, I was only going to be paying 1.75. I figured what was there to lose, haha! I picked up the vanilla flavor, which I thought was a good choice since vanilla anything is pretty yummy. I had plans on using it in smoothies, and maybe dunking some cookies in it. So far all I've done was drink some (to taste test!) and made coconut rice pudding with it which was amazing! I'll be posting the recipe on Wednesday, so come back for that.

I know there are a lot of brands of coconut milk, I just haven't tried them yet but I am looking forward to it. I really liked this particular brand, I thought that the flavor was just right, and it wasn't too sweet either. Some almond milks I have tried (even the unsweetened vanilla) have been way too sweet for my tastes.

 I also liked that it wasn't too thick, and it didn't have any weird after tastes (again, like some other non dairy milks I have tried)  It does have a bit of a coconut flavor, but what do you expect? It is coconut milk after all! 

As far as nutritional value, I don't think the calories for an 8 oz serving is too bad, nor do I think the fat per serving is. There's also 45% of your daily calcium in a serving, and 25% of your vitamin D. If you have been curious about coconut milk, I would say that the Silk is a good choice to try out. 

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