Friday, August 2, 2013

Cowan's Gap

One of our days off last week we had a friend come up from VA and spend the day with us. We decided to drive up to Cowan's Gap and enjoy the amazing weather. It has been so hot and humid lately, that we were very grateful for a breezy, cool day. I'm so glad that we decided to go out, I had such a wonderful day.

Wild raspberries were growing everywhere, I picked these myself (my first time!) It was so exciting and they were delicious :)

Just a funny sign we saw.

And another!

These always remind me of doilies, a little friend decided to join the photo.

Wild berries were everywhere! 

More little friends, and delicious berries. Mmmm

To end the day we ended up driving to Gettysburg since our friend has never been. We drove around the fields, walked up on the look out tower, and had lunch at the Lincoln Diner. It was a really great summer day. 

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