Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not Hoarding: Things Acquired

Here are a few fun finds from the last couple thrift and antique shops. I am glad we have some really great antique shops around that are fairly priced. Like all places some of the prices are bonkers, but I've got a good eye and a knack for haggling prices. Yep, I'm one of THOSE people.

We went to the Hancock Antique mall as well as the Fayetville flea market and I picked up these goodies. With sales going on, and a little discussion I picked all this up for $5. What a good day indeed! I have started collecting old photos of Pekingese, I've been pretty lucky lately finding photos. 

My holy grail of Star Wars glasses. I was so happy when I saw this.

Some goodies for the new house. That photo was a steal at $15. Normally these type of photos go anywhere from 50-100 dollars plus. 

After moving into the new place, I took a day to explore the downtown shops. Found these at a few of the thrifts. Not too bad at all.

More downtown shop finds.

Another trip to the Emmitsburg Antique mall and I left with these. Totally love!

My first comic book ever! 

Spotted these and I knew I had to have them! there were so many but a lot were damaged, so I grabbed one each (the best ones) and went on my way. I wish I would have grabbed more, even if they weren't in the best shape. Truly one of my favorite finds.

Ol' Emmitsburg is at it again.

Hope you are all having as much luck as I am on your treasure hunts. What's your favorite finds this summer? 

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